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I've spent over 15 years developing video games. My primary focus has been designing and building environments, but I've spent a little time in most of the artistic aspects of game development.

In the last several years my efforts have been focused more at the front end of development; working on pre-vis, conceptualization, storyboards and design.

As an artist, most of my schooling was pointed at graphic design and illustration, and I think this plays a big part in the way I approach a project. A good design process where definitions, filters and meaningful criteria are established will yield effective visual communication and drive a good development cycle no matter what the product.

I think I've thrived in video game development because I'm a really good problem solver. I enjoy the constant challenge of finding new solutions in an ever changing landscape. I like the orchestration of many disciplines coming together to form a unified vision and compelling interactive experience.

Video games are the cutting edge in the evolution of visual communication and how we interface with the virtual world, and more and more, with each other. It is highly challenging profession, but always rewarding.

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images - clockwise from from top left:

- concept for 'Gulag' - Bioshock 2

- concept for 'museum exibit' - Bioshock 2

- concept for 'poster' - Bioshock 2

concept for 'poster' - Bioshock 2 DLC

concept for 'ride scene' - Bioshock 2