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As a visual artist, I guess I'd best be described as an illustrator slash graphic designer. But really, I've just always enjoyed imagining, designing and creating visual imagery in pretty much any format. With each medium comes a different and unique way to tell a story.

I make my living as an artist in the video game industry. I've done a little bit of everything over the course of my career; concept art, storyboards, animation, UI, environment art, and art direction. On the job, it's primarily Photoshop, 3Dmax and Unreal. I also use Illustrator and Painter for digital work.

When I'm not making video games, I like to pursue other types of art. I tend towards traditional mediums on the side, probably as a foil to the highly technical work I do for a living. I always have a sketchbook and a couple pens at the ready as I am a notorious and prolific doodler. I like watercolor painting for the sheer artistic joy and relaxation of it.

Cover art, posters, logos, hand lettering, storyboards, concept art, t-shirt design and spot illustrations are favorite side projects. I am equally comfortable in both traditional and digital meduims and often use them together. A tradigital artist...

I've included a section with galleries of the decks, t-shirts and stickers I created during my short tour of duty in Santa Barbara at Powell Peralta Skateboards. I miss those days a little bit.




attack of the ink well
bad idea
dgiin logo

images from top:

Bioshock 2 cover art - I worked as a level architect on this project. (I didn't do the cover art)

Mc Gill Stinger deck - Powell/Peralta

'Spumone' - gouache painting

deathtrap skateboard logo

'bad idea' t-shirt design


dgiin 'g' logo

attack of the killer ink well doodle