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I spent about three years doing art for decks, shirts and stickers at Powell Peralta Skateboards in Santa Barbara. I was called John Keester back then. I'm a name change and many years from the skate daze, but I still look back fondly and value the time I spent there. I loved the variety of projects and the experience of working with, and meeting so many great people and personalities.

Three galleries devoted to my little contribution to skate art, plus a list of what I did for who while I was at Powell for anyone interested.


all work done while working for Powell Peralta Skateboards is copyright © Powell Corporation

PP clothing tag

powell peralta lemons
pp ink
skate city pinball machine
PP clothing tag

images top-to-bottom, left-to-right:

Powell Peralta clothing tag (x3) banner- I did the lettering, C.R. Stecyk for the rat of course. (still my favorite Powell icon)

over the buttons: wade speyer plaid deck, powell-peralta BBHQ t-shirt graphic, bucky lasek gasworks graphic, mike mcgill stinger deck.

Powell Peralta classic Logos collage (none of these were designed by me, just there to represent)

Powell Peralta Lemons - A faux lemon packing label - all hand lettered pre-computer BTW. Powell Head Quarters is in a refurbished lemon packing plant.

Powell Peralta tattoo ink- scratchboard

lemonhead graphic - pocket print for 4-color process t-shirt (shown), and later, wheel graphic.

Skate City - A pinball machine for a trade show. I painted a new back glass and pasted new art into the play field. Really fun project.

skatin' - brush & ink with wash

jughead - gouache on paper


PP clothing tag