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2K Marin – video game developer- Novato, CA - 9/2008 to present
Lead Environment Architect – Design, layout, implementation of level art

- concept art and pre-vis for environments
- storyboards for level walk throughs and scripted elements
- level layout and visual design for environments

- staffing and management of architect team
- level creation / production
- coordination with design, modeling, VFX, narrative, cinematic, and production teams

- primary tools: UnReal, Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, pencil & paper

Virtual Space Entertainment – mmo virtual world - San Anselmo, CA - 3/2008 to 9/2008
Designer & Pre-Vis / Storyboard Artist

- spent 4 months helping to design an MMO virtual world that would utilize the CRYSIS engine
- helped define, establish and implement the world building pipeline
- developed design concepts to integrate story elements into environment design and world layout
- helped to plan, schedule and guide development process
- exploritory concepts and documentation for 3D interface to web browsing

Stormfront Studios – video game developer - San Rafael, CA - 1993 – 2008
Principal Artist - visual design and art production for video games

- concept art for environments and characters
- storyboards for cinematic cut-scenes, level walk throughs, action and combat sequences
- level layout and visual design for environments
- 3D modeling / mapping with 3D Studio Max – focus on environments, objects
- level creation / production – terrain, flora, architecture, objects/props, collision, lighting
- texture creation and matte painting
- user interface, screen design and custom lettering
- animation: traditional, video sprites, some 3D and mo-cap
- art and design support for promotional and pitch material and presentations

- primary tools: 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, Painter, Illustrator, Sketch Up, pencil & paper

Powell Corporation – skateboard manufacturer - Santa Barbara, CA - 1990 to 1993
Artist – illustration and design for skate art

- design and develop graphics for skateboards t-shirts, stickers, videos and printed materials
- design clothing patterns, marketing art and tag art
- design and develop theme trade show environments and elements

Freelance Artist – 1986 to present
Artist – illustration & design – digital / traditional / tradigital

- illustration, logos, hand lettering, posters, label art, cover art, spot illustrations, conceptual development, storyboards, business systems


- University California Santa Barbara - Santa Barbara, CA - 1992 – 1993
Computer software course work - Illustrator, Photoshop, Pagemaker
- Santa Rosa Junior College - Santa Rosa, CA - 1984 – 1987
Applied Graphics Program - drafting, illustration, graphic design and typography
- Sonoma State University - Rohnert Park, CA - 1974 – 1977
School of Expressive Arts - drawing and animation
- Various Courses and Seminars – 1994 – present
drawing, painting, software, web design, project management