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powell peralta skateboards
logo &lettering

graphics by rider -

Mike Mc Gill

Stinger [skull headed snake dude] - deck, t-shirt, sticker

"Fish fang" [school of fish morphing into a snake skull] - deck. T-shirt

Aquarium [aquarium scene, duh] - deck

Tony Hawk

Mouse/Hawk [freaked-out mouse just about to be nailed by hawk] - deck, T-shirt, sticker

TH logo - deck. T-shirt, sticker

Steve Caballero

Tank Girl 1 [with baseball bat] - deck, T-shirt, sticker

Tank Girl 2 [with missile boobs] - deck

Great Dane [caricature of Cab's dog] - deck, T-shirt, sticker

Boba Fete [Star Wars character] - deck

Bucky Lasek

Lasek Gasworks [spoof of gas company logo] - deck, T-shirt, sticker

Chris Senn

Senn Head [scratchboard head] - deck, T-shirt, sticker [sun face]

Blue Babies [fat babies wet-wired to a TV] - deck

Frankie Hill

Ear [bloody, ripped off ear] - deck, T-shirt, sticker

Frank Tank [like it says] - deck, sticker

Full Moon [scratchboard moon on front, skeletons of graphics past on the back. Black only] - T-shirt

Jester [angry jester with cats] - deck

Gingerbread Man - [ the Gingerbread man jumping over a crocodile. I just did what the man asked for.] - deck

Wade Speyer

Plaid [art that matched his favorite flannel] - deck, T-shirt [slayer eagle], sticker [slayer eagle]

Wade awaits [Slayer's Hell awaits rip off] - deck, T-shirt, sticker

Colossus [after Dali's Colossus of Rhodes] - deck, T-shirt

Clowns [Psycho clowns] - deck

Nicky Guerrerro

Tripper [robotic head] - deck, T-shirt

Blue Dragon [fictitious hash bar] - deck, T-shirt, sticker

Eric Ricks

Ricks 1 [dude in a jungle] - deck, sticker

Ricks 2 [dude with paintbrush in forest] - deck, sticker

Adam Mc Natt

Claudia [pen & ink Claudia Shiffer] - deck, T-shirt, sticker

Pat Brennen

Street Fighter [street fighter knock off scene] - deck, T-shirt, sticker

Lance Conklin

Stained Glass [abstract design] - deck, T-shirt, sticker

Love and Rockets [composite of characters from the Love and Rockets comic] - deck

Mike Frazier

Tattoo [his name as tattoo'd on his leg] - deck, T-shirt [shocker], sticker [shocker]


generic graphics -

from decks

Longboard [bones & roses] - deck, T-shirt, sticker [bone fist with rose]

Rosebone [bones & roses] - deck, T-shirt

Lunatic [guy in straight jacket] - deck, T-shirt

SlipSkin [initial V2 graphic for bare decks] - deck, T-shirt [slip skins], sticker [grin & bare it]


Powell Peralta Bones Brigade Tour 1990 [front - ripper in the cockpit, back - bomber] - T-shirt, sticker

Ink Blot [you guessed it, ink blot design, lettering on front] - T-shirt

Delicious [woman holding steaming skateboard] - T-shirt

Powell Peralta Brand Lemons [lemon packing label art] - T-shirt

Atomic Urinal [uh yeah, a urinal, that's correct] - T-shirt

"8" video shirt [column of eights on the front, a fire hydrant on the back] - T-shirt

Wing Bone [Powell Peralta on the front, wingbone design on the back] - T-shirt

Stone Logo [2 "stone Ps" back to back on the front, 4 sets of front design arranged in cross pattern on the back] - T-shirt

Powell "Surf" Logo [diamond shaped logo] - T-shirt, sticker

Powell "Briggs & Stratton" Logo [adopting the B&S look] - T-shirt, sticker

Hot Batch [Mr. Hot Batch {let's eat} of front, Hot Batch lettering on back] - T-shirt, video box cover art, Quartermaster contest graphic.

Grin & Bare it [the big moon in red sneakers] - T-shirt, and also seen recently as a knock off sticker on the back window of a pickup truck.

Bonehead [lettering on the front, a skull with a crown of lettering on back] - T-shirt, sticker, tag image for hat line at one point.

National Pastime [baseball lettering like logo] - T-shirt, sticker, tag image for clothing line at one point.

Bones [lettering treatment on front, genuine bones factory parts on back] - T-shirt, sticker, logotype for clothing line at one point.

G-Spot [cocktail joint type signage] - T-shirt, trade show theme piece (we made a neon sign of this design).

Stress Test [guys head in a nut cracker] - T-shirt

Tumor head [demon coming out of a guys head] - T-shirt


and stuff & things -

The Powell Clothing line was launched while I was doing artwork there. So fabric patterns were designed for all that product. Probably don't want to venture too far down that road. But talk about collector's items. The ever popular RoseBone design was worked into a Hawaiian shirt (right), need I say more?

So if anyone wants to know any more than that, you are one sick puppy, but drop me a line and I'll see if I can answer your question. Dreadpyrat interviewed me about Powell for an Art of Skateboarding article a little ways back. Cool site. www.artofskateboarding.com

Below is the link to the article plus the Bones Brigade intelligence report article about me when I first started at Powell.

-AOS articles /John Keester-




rose fabric
comedy-tragedy fabric
rosebone hawaiin print