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the Bureau

2K Marin 2013

PS3, 360, PC

lead level architect

08-10 to 07-13

Pre-vis, concept art, storyboards and level layout maps. Level creation and production, mesh placement, lighting, performance, optimization in UnReal editor.
Staffing and management of level architect team. Implementation and management of the level development process. Coordination of efforts with design, narrative, cinematic and production teams.


the Bureau

I worked on this project for a little over a year as a senior level architect. When the lead environment artist left the studio, I was promoted to the lead level architect position. I was responsible for staffing up and managing the environment team as we moved into full production.

I implemented and oversaw the development process for the team. We ramped up to 10 level teams who were working on a story mission and a side mission each. The story for the game was revised as we went into production, so I also helped coordinate the narrative changes as they impacted environment construction.

I was involved with the conceptualization and pre-vis for the alien world and alien architecture elements used in the game. I initiated the effort to develop a modular kit to be used by the level development teams to facilitate quick iteration and achieve a consistent look and feel across the game.

As we moved into full production I spent more of my time doing level production so as to to hit our aggressive ship date. I moved away from management duties into more of a content creation role to help push the project across the finish line.

Most of my production effort was focused on University (the second level of the game) and Mothership (the final level of the game) as well as spending the last 3-4 months optimizing memory and performance to make sure out game would ship to specifications and run well on the console platforms.

-three columns of screen shots for levels I worked on - to right

-column 1 = University (2nd level of game)

-column 2 = Mothership (last level of game)

-column 32 = Floodgates (5th level of game)