happy accidents

Here’s a little freehand watercolor I started, then realized I’d made some poor proportion choices, so I stopped.  Although initially dismissed as a fail, it kept catching my eye, so I hung on to it.  There was something intriguing and interesting in what had happened.  The face that was emerging had a sort of pleasant haunting quality to it.  It was rather delicate and ethereal.  If I had tried to mess with it it would have been ruined, but left as is – it had something I liked.  It still brings a smile when I see it, for some reason it makes me think of an angel.  So that is what it is called - Angel.  A tribute to those happy accidents that sometimes grace our path while in pursuit of what we thought we were trying to achieve.  May all your blunders lead you to something unexpectedly beautiful and profound.

December 30, 2010 | Leave a Comment