Hello.  My name is Devin St. Clair.  As you can probably guess, I’m an artist.  I work in a lot of different mediums.  I think I most closely resemble an illustrator slash graphic designer when it is all said and done, but really, I just love to draw.  I favor pen & ink as a primary voice, or at least as one of my most favored artistic languages.  I think part of that romance comes from an extreme fascination and love of fountain pens and the art that is drawn from them.  There is something about that high-contrast, graphic look that has always appealed to me.  I love to paint in watercolor and gouache.  I love the fluid unpredictability and translucency of watercolor along with the opacity and control of gouache.  I’m a big pencil pusher.  I always think with a pencil, it’s a good pliable place get things initiated.  I work as a story artist doing storyboards, and still prefer pencil to digital, even though it involves more steps.  You just can’t get that look digitally, and there is something about the tangible, the surface of the paper, the more direct brain to hand connection.  But I am very comfortable in the digital world as well and actually make my living as a video game developer.

I am also a musician… of sorts.  I play Kalimba.  I’ve been playing them for a long time.  I’m pretty damn good if I say so myself.  I play Hugh Tracey Kalimbas.  They are one of the finest kalimbas out there in my opinion, I have most of the models and they all have a unique voice. I have them tuned to different keys and love to play through my little VOX amp.  Heaven.  I also have a Cloud Nine Marimbula – the 13 note chromatic version.  Sweet.  I haven’t clocked nearly the mileage on it as I have on Kalimbas, but I love playing on it and sure love the sound of it.  It’s my big ol’ bass kalimba.  I’m also a long time keyboard / piano tinkler.  I’ve always loved to mess around and make up tunes, I’m not really a very good player, but I’m good at making stuff up.  And I’m a songwriter… of sorts.  It is something that has cropped up more recently in my history, but am finding that it may be one of my favorite creative outlets yet, and sometimes feel like it is something that really suits the nature of my brain.  I like to write lyrics; painting with words is a very intriguing puzzle, and when the music and the words come together, it’s magic.

I live in northern California, about an hour north of the golden gate bridge in Sonoma County.  It’s a spectacular region for wine, food, and fun.  Despite the cost of living, I feel very lucky to get the chance to hang out in such a beautiful, diverse area.  I spend most of my waking hours developing the art and design for video games, but play around with as many other creative outlets as I can when given the time.  I look forward to sharing them with you as life unfolds.  For those interested in seeing, or hearing more, you can go to my website.


contact me via e-mail = devin@devinstclair.net