early ottoman

This is Ottoman.  He is an automatic man.  Otto likes to think he thinks for himself.  But he doesn’t.  Otto is remote controlled.  You will be seeing much more of Otto in the future, but I’m going to take you back to the inception and show you a few of the first little drawings that got him started.  




shape studies


getting the feel


beep, beep, beep

so when you call me 'porky'... what's the implication there?


Otto takes a walk


havin' a ball


off model, but I like it for style points


Character development, just like most everything else, starts with lots and lots of these small thumbnail drawings.  The focus is on the big shapes and overall feel.  I want to get a sense of the proportions, and be able to draw dude so that he always looks the same every time, from any angle.  Storyboarder in me.  I want to see lots of poses and show movement and motion.  Animator in me.  I want to get a sense of how that character will look in a 3D space, from any angle, doing whatever it is they are going to do.  Game developer in me.  I also think it helps define and develop the personality and ‘character’ of a character.  The way a character holds themselves and the way they move can speak volumes about the nature of that character. 

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