He’s got arms like legs.  He’s got hands on his feet.  He’s got a nose like a doughnut.  He’s got a tendency to over eat.  He don’t use tools or weapons.  He don’t eat meat.  He likes to stick to the bushes.  Tends to avoid the street.  But he rides my El Dorado baby, when he comes to town.  You know he’s out there somewhere, tryin’ to track you down.

Look up in the sky.  Mama that’s the one, yeah.  See the mighty profile, block the noon day sun.  He comes from the heart of darkness, a thousand miles from here.  Now that’s the land where they understand what a woman might like to hear.  You know that he loves you baby for what you really are.  His love is burning hot as a big ol’ ten cent cigar.

Now most of y’all have seen a gorilla in a cage at the local zoo.  He mostly sits around contemplating all the things that he’d prefer to do.  He dreams about the world outside from behind those bars of steel.  And no one seems to understand about the heart ache the man can feel.  The people stop and stare, but nobody seems to care.  It don’t seem right somehow, it don’t seem fair.

He’s still a gorilla.

Those are the lyrics from James Taylor’s song – Gorilla.  From the album by the same name.  It’s a damn catchy tune.  And as usual, he paints a wonderful picture with his words.  He is such a phenomenal song writer.  Arguably one of my favorite song writers of all time, because I argue with myself so much.  But certainly his earlier music would have to be considered a major part of the sound track to my life.  I can imagine he is an big influence on me as a song writer too.  Thanks for all the inspiration, insight and enjoyment you’ve given all of us through the years James.  You’re kind of my musical comfort food.  Cheers!

The above watercolor is pulled from the archives.  One of my practice pieces.  It’s a quick study, speed painting style.  He’s still a gorilla.

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