Here are some photos of Charlotte, our Russian Blue.  The first two are the online photos of her in the shelter.  That sort of sour look in the first pic made Amanda think she might not be the one.  But I had a Russian Blue before and think they are a superior breed so I knew I would want to meet her.  When we got to the shelter, I looked over and saw her immediately.  As we passed her room, she had that very same  look on her face when our eyes met.  We looked at several cats but I insisted we check the room with Charlotte.  The moment we got inside, Charlotte jumped off her roost and went straight to Amanda, rubbed against her leg, sat down and looked up at her.  That did the trick; she knew she had me, but she had to win over Amanda.  If any other cat in that room came over, Charlotte hissed and swatted them away.  We were her people, and that was that.  I am so very happy and lucky she choose us.  What a remarkable cat she is.

January 3, 2011 | Leave a Comment