Greetings and welcome to my world.  I’ve had a website that features my artwork for years, but decided I wanted something a little more interactive and vital that could serve as my online journal/sketchbook/etc.  My website seems to have become more of a repository of past projects, pasted up in a virtual scrapbook.  Great as a portfolio for seeking employment or for posterity, but ultimately serving more as a retrospective than a place to share ideas, techniques and inspiration.

As an artist who loves to doodle, I’d like to use this space to show more spontaneous work; the cocktail napkin or in-the-margin kind of art that I find so interesting.  Thinking with a pencil, mindless doodles and off-the-cuff drawings without the filters and editing that a finished piece might suffer.  But I’ll also throw in some other random pieces; watercolors, digital doodles, photos, or whatever happens to suit me in the  moment.

Inklings are what they are - a slight suggestion, a hint, a vague idea or random notion; whether they be visual, written, or even musical.  I haven’t an inkling what will unfold, but I look forward to sharing my particular way of looking at the world with you.


November 28, 2010 | Leave a Comment