Noodler’s Ink

I kept coming across favorable posts and reviews where people would talk about Noodler’s Ink.  I finally picked up a couple bottles - Noodler’s ”Bullet Proof” Black ink and Noodler’s ‘Heart of Darkness’ (black) ink.  The Heart of Darkness even came with a free pen!

I ended up with three of the Noodler’s Ink Fountain Pens, after all, they are quite reasonably priced.  The Hard Rubber (Ebonite) brown-black.  The Noodler’s Flex Nib, piston fill, Pumpkin Poltergeist.  And the freebie pen (center) that was included with the bottle of ‘Heart of Darkness’ ink. – but don’t say yes yet folks, because that pen also came with an additional roller ball point that can be swapped out with the fountain pen nib.  I haven’t tried the rollerball yet, but I like the broader nib of this pen.  Actually, I like all three; they all seem to start quickly, are smooth, deliver the ink nicely, and don’t skip or give me grief.  In short – I like ‘em.

I’ve only taken the pens for a few rides so far, but I have to say, they are really nice to sketch with.  I seem to prefer a lighter pen when I sketch and draw because I feel it gives me a bit more control and expression.  These pens are all light-weight and comfortable to hold.  I also like the economical and ecological value of using bottled ink as opposed to using desposable cartridges. Although I’m growing fond of using a water brush to drag washes off my line work, it’s nice to have a couple comfortable, expressive pens loaded with waterproof ink that can take a wash and not bleed out.  Plus, that means I can use them for writing checks, addressing envelopes, and stuff and things.  I do loves me the feel and look of a fountain pen.  Oh, and guess who’s started drawing catfish now?

sketch ya later.


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