a royal affair


Hey yo.  Had a couple months away from the blog…

You know, I really hate that term – BLOG.  It sounds dull and heavy.  I get it; shortened from web log; god forbid we have to use two syllables when it could be just one.  But really?  Everybody signed up for that?  I think of my little node on the internet as more of an on-line journal / sketch book, not a B L O G.  I suppose if I wanted to pursue that line of thinking and wanted to make it more hip I’d have to shorten it up, make it more cryptic and call it a wejo (web journal) or weskeboo (web sketchbook) so only the in-crowd would get it at first.  And frankly, either of those sounds better than B L O G.  BLOG - almost as clever as ’shortening’ the term – world wide web (three syllables) to simply - double U double U double U (9 syllables).

Anyway…  hehe, it was a busy, event filled first half of the year.  Had to let the daily postings go by the wayside for lack of time in my day; it was just too much.  But things have settled down a bit and although I’m looking at what appears to be an extremely busy second half of the year, I’m going to bump my wejo / weskeboo up in priority because I enjoy the sharing of my inklings and want to foster the daily sketching.  It’s what I love.

Above – A quick sketch from a freeze-frame of the royal wedding footage.  Trying out some of those TOMBO water souluable markers.  Pretty sweet.  As usual, if there is a red boarder around an image, click for larger size.


July 6, 2011 | Leave a Comment 

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