Adam’s art

We went to dinner with our good friends tonight and took the opportunity to do a little Christmas catch-up.  We ate, exchanged gifts and thoroughly enjoyed the company of Adam, their 16 month old boy, who as you can imagine is the center of attention.  I really love observing little children.  I love to see them learn and start to process the new experiences they encounter and to see them beginning to make connections.  Everything is fresh and fascinating.  Emotions and reactions are right on the surface.  The filters, walls, social agendas and behavior modifications haven’t yet been installed and initiated.  You can see the big brain working and see the learning take place as pieces of information are sorted and fall into place.  It’s a damn miracle fer sure.

One of my very favorite things about little children is watching them do artwork, or really any creative endeavor, but art in particular.  Brilliant.  So along with a couple sweet gifts, we received a Merry Christmas card with Adam’s artwork on it.  I’ll admit I’m a little biased but I love it; I’m posting it.  I think little peeps who haven’t been told otherwise produce such wonderful images.  No agenda, no plan, no expectations, no filters; just the sheer joy of making marks on a page.  Now that’s pure art.  Kandinsky ain’t got nuthin’ on you kid.

December 29, 2010 | Leave a Comment 

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